Mark Argo

Principal & Creative Director

A new media artist, Mark explores the spaces where humans and technology connect. He creates physical devices that serve as interfaces for digital experiences. Mark co-founded Aesthetec Studio with Ann to feed his fascination with the power technology has to enable and enrich human interaction.

Ann Poochareon

Principal & Studio Manager

Ann started as an artist, experimenting with the social and artistic aspects of communication media. She co-founded Aesthetec Studio with Mark Argo to apply her interests to larger projects and a wider audience, eventually finding her passion for working with museums and educational institutions.

Phil So

Industrial Designer

Phil is a curious guy. He ponders why things are the way they are, why people act the way they do, and uses those thoughts to inspire, design, and express ideas that can connect to people in new, yet familiar ways. He joins Aesthetec Studio to help physicalize and communicate the technological wonder behind their experiences.